You know how as we age, we all hope to stay vital, independent and happy? 

I help clients maintain their freedom while aging by helping them transition into homes that support active and independent lifestyles.  

As a result, they are happier and able to enjoy living well ... and aging well ... in their homes.

Helen Rose

Seniors Real Estate Specialist ~ DRE 01951968



About Helen

Helen Rose is a professional real estate agent and REALTOR® with Pacific Sotheby's International Realty in San Diego, California. Helen specializes in helping clients transition into homes that support active and independent lifestyles while aging. 


Her certifications include the National Association of Realtors’ Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) and the National Association of Home Builders’ Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS®).


Helen lives in semi-rural San Diego County with her well-loved husband, Paul. To find out how Helen can assist you with buying or selling a home, contact her at 619.933.5526 or by email at:



DRE 01951968






Rhona & Chuck Gorder

Atulya Berube & Teekhnata Metzler

One of Helen’s greatest strengths as a Realtor is her communication. She made sure to keep me informed through every single step of the buying process and explained everything to me in great detail. During the purchasing process there are many moving pieces and people that are involved, Helen did a wonderful job to keep everything moving smoothly and communicating with everyone involved. Helen always has the client's best interest in mind. Her pleasant and professional demeanor coupled with her work ethic creates a valuable Realtor.
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Tatiana Colson

Helen’s work in representing clients is unparalleled. Her follow-up is exceptional - she is “on it” till the deal is done. She is detailed-oriented and does not miss even the most casual comment from her client. Her listening skills are strong, and her ability to incorporate a client’s wishes, even much later, is impressive. During a very difficult, multi-million dollar deal, even though Helen was on a pre-planned vacation with her family, she was on the phone with me daily, and responsive when I needed her consultation. 

Fran Butler-Cohen

Helen’s standards and integrity were a refreshing delight. She is an extremely motivated “go getter” with high standards, who never disappointed me. I really appreciated how patient she was with me; she kept me informed and took time to make sure I understood every step of the process along the way. Helen always focused on my best interests; she really cares and that makes all the difference. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Jeannie Herrera


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Client Stories




I worked with a 70 year old client who had to sell her family home; financial concerns had made it difficult for her to stay in her community. The prospect of moving and leaving the home and neighborhood where she had built fond memories for over 50 years was heartbreaking.


I helped my client by providing understanding and compassion through the various stages of the sale. I talked with her about the benefits of Proposition 90, an initiative that allows over-55s to transfer their tax base on their primary residence to a new residence in another county, and helped her understand the advantages of a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase. After introducing her to these programs, I put her in touch with trusted tax and mortgage professionals who could help her secure her financial future. I also helped my client negotiate a closing price $33,000 over the appraised value.


As a result, my client was happy and felt emotionally and financially secure throughout the process. After closing escrow on the sale of her home, she was able to move into a new home she loved while maintaining a nest egg for aging.



Memory Loss


I worked with a couple who needed to move out of the family home they had lived in for 20 years. The husband had been recently diagnosed with early dementia and the wife was acting as his caretaker. The couple needed to find a home that would meet their changing needs, such as proximity to medical and caretaking services, rooms to accommodate live-in assistance for the husband and a community of support for the wife.


I helped my clients understand which neighborhoods had excellent resources for aging and memory loss and, once we identified a home they loved, helped them identify care centers near their home. Caregiving can be especially stressful, so I eased the burden of moving on my clients by introducing them to my professional network of senior support services, including a Senior Moving Specialist, who planned, coordinated and supervised all aspects of the move so that the wife could remain focused on her husband throughout the process.


As a result, today my clients enjoy their new home which has adequate space for live-in assistance and nearby memory loss centers for the husband and a community of friendly neighbors, local activities and caregiver’s support services for the wife.





I worked with a couple that lived in a sophisticated mid-century modern home in an upscale gated community. Sadly, my clients found that they had to move as a result of changing accessibility needs. Due to the effects of aging, their split level home had become a hazard with its many stairs and once-stylish sunken living room. In addition, their neighborhood streets had too many hazards for walking, such as lack of sidewalks and hilly streets.


I helped my clients understand both their current and future accessibility needs when looking for their new home. Although they could walk without the assistance of a walker or wheelchair at this time, their physician had predicted changes in the near future. I explained what makes a home suitable for aging in place, including identifying trip hazards, ensuring the home had grab bars and that hallways and walkways could accommodate wheelchairs when needed.


As a result, my clients moved into a home and a community that was safe for aging. Today they enjoy afternoon and evening walks in their new neighborhood and are free from worry in their lovely new home. Oh! And they have a beautiful view too…



Speaking Topics


Helen Rose is a recognized expert in the special nuances that accompany later-in-life real estate transactions and is available to speak to groups on real estate in retirement.


5 Key Points Boomers & Seniors Forget to Consider When Buying and Selling Real Estate in Retirement

Retirement is changing. Baby Boomers are creating a retirement experience vastly different from their parents’ retirement. Today, over-50s consider selling their homes for a variety of reasons, ranging from downsizing from a home that has become too large for them, to choosing a new home that better supports their desire for an independent and active retirement, to preparing for their long-term accessibility needs. Learn about the 5 choices you can make that will have the biggest impact on your real estate decisions and, ultimately, the ability to maintain your independence and age well. 


This topic covers:

• The importance of discussing the decision to sell with family members.

• Why preparing your home to appeal to buyers is so important.

• Considering how your new home meets your current and future accessibility needs.

• How to ensure a smooth process while transitioning from your old to your new home.

• Understanding financial programs that are in place to protect your real estate assets.



Financial Programs That Work to Protect Your Real Estate Assets in Retirement

For most people, their real estate acquisitions (from personal residence to vacation and investment properties) are their largest financial assets and, yet, their equity is tied up in the properties themselves. Learn what programs are in place that allow you to protect and access your assets in ways that better support your retirement goals.


This topic covers:

• Propositions 60 & 90: How they work to help you maintain your tax basis when selling your home.

• 1031 Exchange: How to sell your secondary properties tax free and how to use 1031 Exchanges to protect assets and provide opportunities for additional income.

• Planned Giving versus Reverse Mortgage for Purchase:. How they work, how they differ and how they can help you stay in your home while providing supplementary income.



Should I Downsize or Adapt My Current Home as I Get Older? Assessing the Tradeoffs of Both Options

Officially, most Baby Boomers are now Seniors, but many view themselves differently and, as a result, are setting new trends in retirement. Now that people are living well into their 80s and 90s, both Boomers (52-70) and Seniors (71+) need to plan ahead for longer retirements. Boomers are reinventing retirement and often prefer to upsize when moving, while Seniors still prefer downsizing. One thing both groups can agree upon, though, is that convenience, independence and the familiarity of home are the main reasons for renovating rather than moving. But are aging in place home renovations worth the cost and will they really help meet your long-term needs for accessibility and support? Learn more about the benefits of moving to a new home versus adapting your current home for aging.


This topic covers:

• How Boomers view retirement differently from Seniors and how those differences will impact each group’s unique real estate needs.

• Which aging issues can prevent full use of your home.

• How to assess your current home and community for aging in place suitability.

• How to identify your needs for aging in place home modifications.

• Determine how to purchase a home that allows you to maintain your independence and age well.



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Contact Helen


To find out how Helen can assist you with buying or selling a home, contact her at 619.933.5526 or by email at

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Not ready to age in place? No problem! Helen has experience helping clients with all phases of real estate from residential to investment and commercial properties. Please feel free to reach out to her with your personal real estate needs.

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